Wellspring Living is the second program in the nation to be awarded a Gold Certification from the national Safe House Certification Review Board, led by Safe House Project. Wellspring Living is a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia that provides domestic sex trafficking victims and those at risk with specialized recovery services through residential and community-based programs.

Through a six-stage certification process, Wellspring Living’s residential and community programs were evaluated against established standards for management, governance, financials, and operations. Final certification was determined by a third-party review board comprised of industry experts.

According to Safe House Project, safe homes awarded a Gold certification have demonstrated their success in providing ethical, safe, therapeutic, well resourced, and sustainable residential programming to survivors while meeting best-practices in survivor care as established through empirical research and survivor input.

Sara Beth-Evans, a member of the site visit review team for Safe House Certification praised the program. “As a survivor of sex trafficking victimized both as a minor and as an adult, I have seen the impact that can have first-hand. Wellspring Living provides comprehensive, trauma and survivor-informed services to adult and minor survivors that plays a significant role in their healing and overcoming the trauma they have endured,” said Evans. “Every staff member I met at Wellspring Living treats the residents with the utmost respect and care, making them feel safe and valued. Wellspring Living is making a real impact in the lives of trafficking survivors, offering the services they need and deserve.”

Mary Frances Bowley, the Executive Director of Wellspring Living celebrated the certification. “Wellspring Living is thrilled to have received gold level certification through the Safe House Project. For over 21 years, we have continually strived to provide the very best for survivors in our care,” said Bowley. “We wholeheartedly believe that this certification is essential in providing clarity on the standards and best practices needed to serve survivors in the most comprehensive, trauma-informed, and survivor-focused way possible. We are honored to be partnering with the Safe House Project on this initiative, which will benefit countless survivors.”

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