On June 20, 2022, rapper Deveondi reached out to media outlet ‘Media Music News’ to ask if they would help in the search for his father after the family has done all they can and not getting proper help from local authorities. Deveondi’s father has been missing since 2018.

The Atlanta hip hop star began his search in spite of him and his father being estranged for many years. “Family is Family and with so much happening in the world, it is important now more than ever.”

As of 2022 there are more than 17,000 missing person cases and 13,000 unidentified body cases that remain open in the United States.

The ‘Dear DJ (Once Upon a Time)’ rapper says he is eager to find his father because of recent information he has been made aware of that suggest he wasn’t as bad of a person as he thought he was.

“It is amazing how my perspective changed because I was willing to hear and discover what really happened when my dad left us. I was just 10 years old. I was fed stories that I now need to clear up with him. They will help me and my son”.

The rapper has filed a report with the Atlanta Police Department’s Missing Person’s Unit but has not heard back from APD. 

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