Atlanta businesswoman Verlisa Wearing is scheduled to host her inaugural I Am Woman Summit 2022, a four-day hybrid event that will kick off with a two-day virtual assembly, one day of live presentations, and culminate with an awards gala honoring women who have had immeasurable impact in their communities and society.

An event powered by Wearing’s The RiseHer Network and inspired by her I Am Woman anthology, the I Am Woman Summit 2022 will take place September 28 – October 1 at the Hilton Peachtree City Atlanta Hotel and Conference Center, located at 2443 GA-54 in Peachtree City, Georgia.

“The purpose of the Summit is to place a clarion call out to women to restore, inspire, stand with and empower her,” Wearing said. “Restore them to their creative, passionate state of being, to inspire them to go after and make their dreams a reality, stand with them by assisting them to create strategic steps of stepping out of the shadow of no confidence, self-doubt, low and no self-esteem and stepping into their greater selves while empowering them to be their own greatest cheerleader, never allowing the silence of others deter them from moving forward in life.”

Wearing’s I Am Woman Summit, by all accounts, has created a fervent buzz across various message boards and social media platforms, in large part because this assembly will feature 36 plenary speakers from around the globe, most notably Canada and the United Kingdom.

Interestingly enough, Wearing, an ordained minister, emphasized that her highly-anticipated I Am Woman Summit will be unlike any other empowerment assembly she has previously hosted.

“The I Am Woman Summit is a step above many conferences as it our intention not to be salesy but connect with each woman by pricking their hearts and stirring their spirit, causing them not only to be inspired and motivated, but determined to take the necessary steps to shatter the glass ceilings holding them captive while silencing their voice,” Wearing stated. “This summit is for the whole woman. The very essence of each woman attending will be moved to broaden their horizon as they purposefully set out to share their voice.”

The opening two days of the summit will take place virtually, followed by the final two days are scheduled to take place in-person. The awards banquet and gala will be proceeded by an hour-long cocktail reception that begins at 5 p.m. EST.

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