The Gathering of Angels (GOA), an organization bringing accredited angel investors together with young entrepreneurial companies seeking seed capital, holds its next online monthly Zoom meeting from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm on March 9. Attendance is free to registered investors nationwide.

This meeting’s presenters include:
• National Rugby Football League – The NRFL Founders Group offers limited partnerships to develop eight professional rugby teams and NRFL United, the holding company that services and commercializes the global sport of rugby from youth to professional.
• Ponix, Inc – A local food producer/distributor operating in Opportunity Zones within cities, Ponix provides retailers and consumers direct access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. All food is grown pesticide-free in full-grow automation for year-round accessability.
• Barter Technologies –Bringing barter trades online as the foundation of its business, Barter Technologies offers barter space in a retail platform where users promote sustainable, collaborative consumption and avoid accumulation of waste.

The Gathering of Angels was founded in 1996 by Tarby Bryant, an active angel investor, former venture capital partner, published author and recognized speaker on angel investing. Bryant is former Chairman of the National Automobile Association and is former CEO of Invest Atlanta.

Operating nationally for the past 26 years in cities like Atlanta, Santa Fe, Charlotte, Washington DC, Dallas, Houston, Scottsdale, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Gathering of Angels has facilitated some 440 capital funding initiatives ranging from $20,000 to $12.5 million. Recent GOA funding targets have included investments ranging from $25,000 to $400,000.

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