“The big question every seller should ask right now is – how can I maximize my home value?” explained Renovation Sells CEO Mike Valente. “Without doing pre-sale renovations, sellers are doing themselves a disservice and leaving money on the table.”

After completing more than 400 presale renovations nationally, Renovations Sells shares some must-do’s to sell fast at the highest price.

5 Must-do Tips to Sell Your Home Fast at the Highest Price:

  1. Those brown cabinets have got to go. Most homes have great layouts, just dated color palettes. Refresh the kitchen with cabinet paint, hardware, countertops, and backsplash. Most cabinets can be painted to look new. Add some new hardware and they will shine in photos.
  2. Paint your house neutral colors. This is a must before going to market! The smell of new paint attracts buyers and will make your house feel fresh, new, and move-in-ready.
  3. Update light fixtures. Lighting styles have changed over the years. Updating your light fixtures can have the same effect as a nice watch on a cheap suit. This update is affordable and can be achieved even within a small budget, but creates a big impact.
  4. Refinish floors to eliminate signs of wear and tear. This update has one of the best ROIs and can be done in just 1 – 3 days. Wood floors look great in photos and cater to the majority of people who are searching for new homes primarily online. Wood floors are also more hygienic than carpet, and pet owners want hardwood floors for the ease of cleaning.
  5. Refresh and update bathrooms. If you have money left in the budget, have vanity cabinets sprayed or replaced, and replace mirrors and plumbing fixtures.  You can leave the tile in some cases, even spray it for a new look.

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