Dr. Mitchell Ermentrout has officially joined Dr. John Lipman at the Atlanta Fibroid Center in Smyrna, GA.

Post training, Dr. Ermentrout, an Atlanta native, was invited to become a faculty member in the Department of Radiology at Emory University School of Medicine, where he spent several years practicing at Emory University Hospital, mastering minimally invasive interventional radiology procedures with a focus on embolization of complex tumors.

Dr. Ermentrout has served as clinical site director for interventional radiology at Emory University Hospital; assistant professor responsible for lecturing, teaching procedural skills, and providing mentorship to countless interventional radiology fellows, residents, and medical students; and program director of the largest interventional radiology residency and fellowship program in the U.S. Mitchell is author to numerous published articles of medical journals, and has been invited to lecture domestically and internationally on a variety of topics ranging from complex embolization techniques, treatment of liver cancer, and management of vascular disorders. An expert in performing embolization procedures, including UFE, through the radial artery in the wrist, Mitchell has also taught courses for other physicians learning this technique. Throughout his career, Dr. Ermentrout has treated thousands of patients with different types of embolization, all while teaching his residents and fellows clinical skills and advanced procedural techniques.

Now accompanying Dr. John Lipman at the Atlanta Fibroid Center, Dr. Ermentrout continues to specialize in interpretation of pelvic MRI and the evaluation and management of uterine fibroids with uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). Having spent much of his career in an academic medical center has given Dr. Ermentrout unique perspective and experience to forward the mission of educating women about the effects of fibroids and the range of options available for treatment. Dr. Ermentrout feels strongly that women should be empowered with knowledge, so that they can choose the treatment that is most suited to their well-being. All too often, women are steered toward invasive surgical options like hysterectomy and myomectomy, and are not given the chance to consider less invasive non-surgical treatments like UFE.

Dr. Ermentrout prides himself on being thorough, taking time to listen to patient’s recount their struggles, carefully reviewing MRI imaging with each patient, and working to uncover issues that other physicians may have misdiagnosed, minimized, or overlooked. His transition to the Atlanta Fibroid Center has given him the opportunity to spend more time with each patient and be more available for each patient throughout their recovery. His measure of success: just wanting every woman to have relief!

As Dr. Mitchell Ermentrout continues to relieve women who suffer from fibroids through UFE, newly with the Atlanta Fibroid Center, he balances family life, as a husband and father of three.

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