Author, divorce real estate and mortgage expert Jeffrey Landers proudly announced today the upcoming release of his new book, Divorce House Sense™ – Can You Keep Your Marital Home or Will You Have to Sell? The book, which is Landers’ seventh published book on divorce, will be available for sale in September and covers a wealth of information regarding how and whether to keep or sell your marital home in a divorce.

“Going through a divorce is one of the toughest, most stressful events you will ever go through, and one of the biggest areas of contention is the marital home – typically the family’s largest asset,” says Landers. “I wrote this book because there is a total lack of accurate information available to divorcing homeowners and divorce professionals on the unique requirements that mortgage lenders have for divorcing and divorced people. This, unfortunately, has resulted in many people finding out after their divorce is finalized that they cannot keep their home or buy a new one because they will not qualify for financing.”

In the book, Landers goes over everything from basics such as how to make sure that the alimony and child support you are going to receive will count as qualified income to more complex considerations like creative financing alternatives and protecting your credit through a divorce. Landers is truly an expert in the field, with over four decades of divorce and real estate experience.

In 2010, Jeff founded Bedrock Divorce Advisors, LLC, which works exclusively with women going through a financially complicated divorce. Dealing with the marital home is almost always a major issue in any divorce, and Jeff’s strong background and know-how has guided many hundreds of women all over the U.S. through the complex process of selling their marital home or buying out their spouse so they can remain in their homes.

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