Christian Care Communities & Services (CCC&S) — a non-profit, faith-based organization that operates three communities for seniors in Mesquite, Fort Worth and Allen — has identified an operator for the communities that is committed to maintaining a high standard of care and services for residents and their families.

Boncrest Resource Group, a mission-driven, nonprofit charitable organization based in Atlanta, is lined up to assume operation of the three communities. The organization plans to honor all resident contracts, protect residents’ deposits and entrance fees, and, with the company’s existing employees, continue providing high-quality care and services.

Through the transition, CCC&S will continue to operate the communities, providing high-quality care and services to all residents on the three campuses, maintaining the experienced and dedicated staff, and minimizing change for residents and employees.

The acquisition will resolve the financial uncertainty for CCC&S that the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated. To complete the sale, CCC&S today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the Northern District of Texas. As part of the process, CCC&S has secured debtor-in-possession financing to fund the communities through the bankruptcy cases.

The transaction and process will allow proceeds from the sale to be distributed to creditors while positioning the purchasers to continue delivering high-quality care and services to residents and communities. The process also requires that CCC&S be prepared to consider other offers (if any) that might be in the best interest of residents, employees and other stakeholders.

“Our focus throughout this process has been on our residents and staff — continuing to serve our communities, maintaining our phenomenal team and protecting the assets of those we serve,” said Sabrina Porter, CCC&S President and CEO. “We are grateful to have found an operator who shares our long-term commitment and values. This sale, when approved by the bankruptcy court, will keep our communities stable and sustainable for years to come.”

CCC&S was founded in 1947 as a ministry to retired Church of Christ ministers and has grown over the past seven decades. At its three campuses, it offers independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, respite care and hospice care, among other services.

Boncrest is committed to providing quality services, activities, and programs that serve public and charitable purposes in a rapidly changing and challenging health care economy. The organization shares CCC&S’ values and commitment to care and services — and to the wellbeing of residents and patients.

“Christian Care Communities & Services has a proud mission — to serve this region and its seniors — and a long history of doing just that. We are honored to take up that mantle by continuing to deliver care and services to residents,” said Tom Baker, Director and CEO of Boncrest Resource Group. “These are vital communities providing effective, essential and valuable services to seniors and their families. We’re committed to ensuring that they continue to do so.”

The sale of the CCC&S properties is expected to be completed in August or September through a court-approved process. By going through this process, CCC&S has created a path forward that will protect residents’ deposits and entrance fees, and will maintain the organization’s longstanding commitments. As part of the proposed acquisition, Boncrest will assume all resident agreements and the associated obligations.

Residents, employees and vendors will be contacted directly with information about the transition. 

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